Connecting sonically...

The songs our parents have sung to us as babies, and the songs you sing to (your) babies now are important first connection. 

What do you remember about the playsongs and lullabies that were sung to you as a child? 

How would you like them to be sung to (your) babies today? 

Do you have a song to share?

A traditional tune you remember from childhood, or passed down generations in your family...

About the Connection

The voice is one of our first sonic connections with our babies. Between mothers and babies, these are often expressed through playsongs and lullabies. 

I would like to use this opportunity to connect with other mothers and their babies to research and document traditional tunes that they grew up with and sing to their babies. I hope to be able to gather songs from a range of cultures and languages, to demonstrate the diversity of our local culture in current times.


The process of creating this work will be documented and updated regularly here.